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Work-study placements, the stepping stone to a bright future

Two engineers on a construction site

AREVA provides opportunities for young people and the unemployed by offering numerous apprenticeship and professionalization contracts. Whether you have a vocational training certificate or are training to be an engineer, short- and long-term work study placements are available in a wide variety of fields: engineering, production, maintenance, quality, nuclear safety, logistics, chemistry, human resources, communications, purchasing, finance and many more. No matter what your course of study, there’s a placement for you.
The group sees work-study placement as a way of attracting future talents and offers a motivating training path which can lead to a fascinating and rewarding professional career.
The Human Resources Department, managers and tutors select the students as carefully as if they were recruiting full-time employees.


Work-study trainee and tutor, a complementary tandem

At AREVA, work-study trainees are an integral part of teams. They actively contribute to the added value of projects they are involved in. Skilled and trained tutors accompany them along their journey.


Anthony, machining technician

Anthony is a machining technician at JSPM in Jeumont, in the north of France. He machines stainless-steel-based products. He supplies components for the EPRTM reactor. It requires thoroughness and excellence. He wants to develop his skills and is considering joining a work-study program in order to graduate as an engineer.