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An AREVA work site

The world needs to produce twice as much energy with half as much CO2. Faced with this major challenge of the 21st century, AREVA is mobilizing its efforts in two areas: nuclear energy and renewable energies (wind power, bioenergies, solar energy, hydrogen energy). We aim to achieve profitable growth while operating in a socially responsible way that respects the environment. To fulfill this objective, AREVA recruits more than 3,000 people every year, with a wide variety of complementary skills. Experienced engineers, recent graduates, technicians and more.

Join us and help us overcome the major energy challenges of tomorrow.

An AREVA work site

Designing and inventing

Engineers, designers, researchers... AREVA’s innovative specialists, invent and manage the equipment and facilities.

A man on a production site

Producing and maintaining

Manufacturing, production and maintenance personnel are responsible for the start-up, testing and maintenance of our facilities.

A woman is testing the water

Improving and protecting

Health, safety and environment professionals focus on environmental issues and risk prevention.

Men and a woman during a meeting

Advising clients and satisfying demand

Sales and legal professionals and product managers negotiate and oversee contracts, contribute to the group’s development by promoting its activities and selling its services, and offer after-sales services.

Office platform

Managing and developing

Communications, finance, human resources, IT... Support roles are essential for the smooth operations and development of the group.

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