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Students: Internships for everyone

A woman is smiling during her work at AREVA

Interns represent the Group's future. So AREVA gives them special treatment and thereby fulfills its role as a responsible company. Each year the Group offers over 500 internships to young people who have completed two to five years in higher education. Thanks to the diversity of job profiles within the Group, a very wide variety of missions is possible. Being an intern at AREVA is to live a challenging experience.


Jennifer Desimone, process engineer (USA)

Jennifer Desimone works in Charlotte as part of a division involved in the engineering of new plants. Specializing in design of concrete and steel, she joined AREVA after a year-and-a-half as an intern with the company.


Brittany Smith, systems engineer, Lynchburg (USA)

Brittany Smith directs engineering projects in Lynchburg, in a unit in charge of designing furnishings for nuclear steam supply systems. Her work also involves creating and revising technical documentation. On a daily basis, this young graduate relies on internal skills transfer.

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