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Number 1 in nuclear energy, AREVA provides its employees, customers and stakeholders with courses covering all stages of nuclear programmes and can meet the needs of new comers as well as current actors in the nuclear field.

Training solutions, designed by AREVA University and TRIHOM, are based on the experience and know-how developed by the Group for its own training requirements as well as a proactive cooperation with world-leading Universities and engineering schools.

Our training expertise :

  • More than 200 trainers, technical experts with significant experience in the nuclear industry
  • A global training offer: introduction to nuclear energy, nuclear regulations, nuclear technics, safety, management & leadership, project management, design and operation of reactors, instrumentation and control, maintenance and dismantling of nuclear installations
  • More than 7,600 square meters of installations dedicated to training and equipped with the latest technologies
  • A vaste range of educational means : e-Learning, Blended Learning, simulator, study tours with site visits and work experience

Our Training Programs

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Safety, Security and Quality

TRIHOM is a major actor in the nuclear sector.

TRIHOM has been developing and delivering for more than 20 years vocational training for companies participants in the nuclear industry and in hostile environments in such domains as risks prevention, nuclear safety, quality insurance, maintenance and logistic on working sites.

TRIHOM covers also training programs on technological subjects and professionalization paths mainly in the nuclear reactor maintenance and services. TRIHOM designs and proposes both standard trainings leading to qualifications as well as courses tailored to individual requirement, in the following areas :
- Plant outages
- Quality and safety
- Accreditation of on-site workers at nuclear power plants
- Risk prevention
- Radiation protection
- Cleanup and dismantling : Working using glove boxes, handling, health and safety
- Metallurgy : Heat insulation, welding and pipework.Location: 15 training sites in France.

For more information about our training offer, visit our website :

A selection of our training courses :

  • Working at nuclear sites





Following the decision of Polish government to develop nuclear energy, AREVA, in partnership with all French nuclear energy stakeholders, designed a six-week learning expedition program for Polish University Professors to help them to create their own teaching programs.

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EPR™ reactor – 1,600+MWe

The production capacity of the EPR™ water pressure reactor, the first generation III+ model, makes it one of the most powerful reactors in the world.

Streamlining unit outage time

AREVA supports its clients in the organization of their unit outages in order to optimize how it takes place and reduce the duration.

A line of bonded fuels

The range of fuel assemblies applies to all types of boiling water- or pressurized water reactors. It integrates all stages of the cycle leading to the supply of fuel to clients.