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Spare parts that can be ordered online

Spare cover for the Salem Nuclear Plant

AREVA provides an online service, always available for quickly obtaining spare parts.

Field Report #7: Fleet Safety

Field Report #7: Fleet Safety

Experience shows that very unlikely events occur and that plant operators need efficient systems to safely shutdown their plants and to remain in control in case of an unexpectedly complex sequence of events.

Find out how AREVA is helping utilities demonstrate the safety of their nuclear fleets, while reinforcing public confidence.

By using the online Customer Inquiry System platform, customers can determine the availability and price of the parts required. They can also place their order online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AREVA's global logistics organization and its available inventory of parts (valves, principal motor components etc.) guarantee clients rapid delivery.

This service is based on the group's manufacturing of specific parts and on a network of qualified vendor partners. AREVA also distributes parts for various manufacturers.

All parts in stock comply with current safety standards.

Fast delivery lead times

  • Reduction of delivery lead times.
  • Reduction of order processing costs.
  • Reduction of onsite parts inventories.
  • Immediate access anytime.

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Electrical systems and instrumentation and controls

AREVA provides a set of maintenance services for all the electrical systems and instrumentation and controls in nuclear power plants.

Mobile components

JSPM, a subsidiary of AREVA, specializes in the supply and maintenance of the mobile mechanical components of the nuclear island.