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Transport and packaging solutions

AREVA offers a comprehensive transportation and packaging solution for nuclear materials and fuel assemblies. This further  augments the group's uranium cycle services.

Both upstream and downstream in the nuclear cycle, AREVA offers:

  • Global transport solutions,
  • Packaging for moving or storing nuclear materials and fuel assemblies.

Field Report #6: Fuel Security of Supply

Field Report #6: Fuel Security of Supply

The context has changed, but tensions in the marketplace may remain between fuel cycle supply and demand. For utilities, that means that securing fuel supply is more than ever a daunting challenge.

This goal is reachable with AREVA’s unique investments in a diversified supply chain of uranium and fuel cycle services.

The advantages of AREVA service

  • A global network that brings a solution to all requirements, with a universally consistent quality of service and level of safety.
  • A strong knowledge of national ad international regulations, guaranteeing compliance with product and service safety standards.
  • Unparalleled experience: AREVA manages over 800 transport flows and offers over 200 packaging designs.

An offer supported by a global network

Rail terminal at Valogne

Integrated multizone and multimodal transport solutions.

Economic efficiency and high technology

Customer checking the sealing joint on TN 85 packaging

Packaging for products at all stages in the nuclear cycle. Our products are designed to customer specifications for the type of material transported, the transportation mode and regulations.

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Logistics, packaging manufacture and the transportation

AREVA is the world leader for the design of specialized equipment and packaging and for the transportation of nuclear materials at all stages in the cycle.

The range of reactors

AREVA is responding to the needs of its clients by enlarging its power range with third generation models.