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Solutions for the entire uranium cycle

AREVA offers an array of customizable services spanning the entire uranium life cycle:  from mines to the manufacture of fuel assemblies, including ore conversion and enrichment.

The range of uranium-related services enables AREVA's clients to benefit from the competence, technologies, reliability and industrial capacity of the group in any of its fields of expertise:

  • Mines,
  • Conversion,
  • Enrichment,
  • Fuel design and fabrication.

Our offer relies on three main advantages:

  • Customized, adapted, and flexible solutions.
  • The latest high-performance technologies at every stage of the cycle. 
  • A world leading partner: more than 47% of boiling water and pressurized water power plants currently operating worldwide use AREVA fuel.

Delivering uranium concentrates throughout the world

Worker in a mining operation in Canada

Reliable supply thanks to diversified and large-scale resources (more than 200,000 tons of reserves), a portfolio of mining projects already underway and varied exploration activities.

Delivering uranium concentrates throughout the world

Fluorine electrolytic cell, plant for the conversion of UF4 into UF6.

Guarantee of a high-quality product ready for enrichment using the most advanced techniques.

The most efficient enrichment technique

Workers at the Georges-Besse II plant construction site

The performance of the centrifuging enrichment process adds to AREVA's experience in the field.

Purifying and transforming uranium

Loading fuel assemblies, Melox, plant in Bagnols-sur-ceze, France.

Optimized use of fuel under increasingly demanding operating conditions.

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The Front-End Business Group

The Front-End division of AREVA integrates the conversion and enrichment of uranium, along with nuclear fuel design and manufacturing.