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Nuclear reactors and associated services


With 40 years of experience in the nuclear sector, AREVA presents the market with a unique offer: to enable safe and competitive electricity production with controlled costs.

It meets the needs of electricity utility providers to streamline and control their overhead costs, and enables them to achieve their objectives for safety, performance and competitiveness.

AREVA Forward Alliance: Solutions for Safe Long-Term Operation

As carbon and greenhouse gas reduction programs are being launched across the globe, utilities need to keep clean installed baseload energy sources online. Over the next ten years, no fewer than 150 reactors will be operated following a license renewal. But service life extension will only be granted on the condition that it is safe.

Based on AREVA’s solid experience in supporting utilities with the operation of over 360 reactors, our Forward Alliance initiative proposes a catalog of the most advanced products, services and solutions to better address utility requirements with regard to the safe Long-Term Operation of the existing nuclear fleet.

AREVA's range of Nuclear Energy products include:

A series of Generation III+ reactors. AREVA provides clients with expertise in the design and construction of nuclear power plants. The line of reactors ranges from small models intended for research and training to the some of the most powerful power plants in the world, such as the EPR™ reactor. EPR™ facilities, referred to as Generation III+, meet the new nuclear generation requirements for:

  • safety (resistance to plane crashes, etc.)
  • financial performance (high yield and 92% availability)
  • environmental protection (reduction of fuel consumption and waste production)

Guidance throughout the lifecycle of a nuclear power facility. AREVA provides its clients a worldwide network of several thousands of specialists with varied profiles: technical, nuclear safety, engineering, project management, etc. Their role: to develop customized, global or specialized solutions to:

  • Improve facility safety, availability and performance while maintaining the best possible operating conditions.
  • Extend the life of their facilities and components, through global lifecycle management solutions.





Makeup of the Nuclear energy range of products and services

A Complete Range of Nuclear Reactors

A Complete Range of Nuclear Reactors

AREVA's range of reactors is based on three generation III+ models: EPR™, ATMEA1 and KERENA. The range is completed by models intended for use in training, research and nuclear medicine.

Electricity production services

Electricity production services

Training, maintenance, inspection, repair, draining, disassembly guidance, etc. AREVA can provide support for operating power plants at any time.

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