Renewable energy

Windmill from the Alpha Ventus fleet in the North Sea

A portfolio of solutions to meet diversifying energy needs.

AREVA's renewable energy offer meets the needs of electricity producers for the development of their energy mix, with sustainable, competitive solutions.

The group has a portfolio of four energies: wind energy, bioenergy, solar power and hydrogen power. AREVA offers turnkey solutions to meet both short - and long - term requirements for clients, while meeting energy demand in standard and peak consumption periods.

These solutions include:

  • The design, production, construction and commissioning of facilities,
  • Project development support,
  • Supporting clients with their investments, through approved partnerships.

They rely on high-technology products, designed to achieve objectives for greater reliability and efficiency.

The M5000 wind turbine, chosen to equip the first German offshore fleet

Construction site of the windfarm Alpha Ventus in the North Sea

Powerful and designed specifically for offshore, the M5000 wind turbine was selected for the first wind farm off the German coast, in the North Sea (Alpha Ventus Project). The six M5000 turbines for the wind farm were installed in record time and went into operation in November 2009. In 2011 and 2012, operating results for the Alpha Ventus project revealed a level of production 15% higher than the customer's expectations. The M5000 have proven reliable, with an availability rate of 98%.

The AREVA 8MW wind turbine, the new generation turbine for  increased performance

Mise en place des éoliennes du parc éolien de Alpha Ventus en mer du Nord

Based on the proven technology platform of the M5000, the group has developed a new generation of turbine, the AREVA 8MW. This wind turbine combines the recognized reliability of AREVA's technology with increased power to make offshore wind farms even more competitive. The AREVA 8MW wind turbine has been chosen by GDF Suez, EDPR and Neoen Marine as part of the second invitation to tender for the Tréport and Yeu/Noirmoutier wind farms.

Our solutions rely on high technology products, designed to achieve greater reliability and efficiency. AREVA's engineering expertise and its experience in managing major projects provide out clients with a guarantee that their costs and implementation deadlines will be respected during their projects.

The advantages of the AREVA product line

  • A renewable energy portfolio to meet diversifying energy needs.
  • Innovative project financing packages.
  • High performance turnkey solutions thanks to the group's project management knowledge, its technical expertise and its international dimension.            

Powerful turbines designed for offshore use

Windmills in the Alpha Ventus wind farm in the North Sea

Offshore wind power meets the needs of the power utilities by developing high power wind farms. AREVA is active within this segment with the M5000 windmill, a 5MW turbine that is light, robust and easy to maintain.

Biomass plants and global support

Biomass plant in Satyamaharshi in India

AREVA provides turnkey biomass plant design and construction solutions. The service includes project support through the life of the project, innovative funding schemes and the handling of carbon asset management.

Effectively creating value with solar energy

Martin Generating Station

AREVA provides services for the design, purchase, and construction of solar power plants using concentrated thermodynamic technology. The group's expertise in fluid mechanics and thermics is an asset for these highly technological projects.

Producing hydrogen without carbon emissions

PEM Electrolyzer System

The service includes a range of power electrolyzers capable of producing high purity hydrogen competitively without CO2 emissions. AREVA is also developing solutions for storing hydrogen-based electricity.

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Nuclear Energy

Armed with 40 years experience, AREVA presents the market with a unique offer: enable competitive and safe electricity production with controlled costs.

A line of bonded fuels

The range of fuel assemblies applies to all types of boiling water- or pressurized water reactors. It integrates all stages of the cycle leading to the supply of fuel to clients.