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Solutions for competitive Power Generation

AREVA provides a response adapted to the needs of utilities worldwide. The range of solutions is comprised of an array of capabilities and technologies enabling safe and competitive power generation that is safe and respectful of the environment.

Nuclear Energy

Chalon Saint Marcel Plant

AREVA's product range covers every stage of the nuclear cycle from extraction of the uranium to recycling of the used fuel, through the designing of reactors.

Renewable energy

Windmill from the Alpha Ventus fleet in the North Sea

AREVA is also present in the renewable energy sector through partnerships.

In the offshore wind market, AREVA partnered with GAMESA to create ADWEN, a global leader in the sector.

View of the site of Olkiluoto 3 in Finland

A complete range of nuclear reactors

AREVA's range of reactors is based on three generation III+ models: EPR™, ATMEA1™ and KERENA™. The range is completed by models intended for use in training, research and nuclear medicine.

Two men performing a visual inspection of fuel assemblies

Fuel supply and management: spanning the entire cycle

AREVA offers a series of fuel assemblies, as well as an array of services: packaging design/manufacture, transport, recovery and valuation.

Reactor 2 reloading at Daya Bay (China) after outage

The largest range of service solutions on the market

Training, maintenance, inspection, repair, draining, disassembly guidance, etc. AREVA can provide support for operating power plants at any time.

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