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Promoting large scale biomass projects

Biomass plant in Satyamaharshi in India

AREVA designs, constructs and commissions turnkey cogeneration power plants. This service is distinguished by support for the entire duration of the project, including assistance to feasibility studies, project financing and the handling of carbon asset management.

General view of a biomass plant

AREVA offers standardized biomass power plants and projects through partnerships with large-scale investors, electricity companies and industrial operators. In a very fragmented market, the group thereby brings the power of an industrial approach.

  • Competitive solutions. thanks to the support of the global centers of expertise and engineering centers which enable selection of the very latest, most advanced and most economical technologies for each project.
  • Lower costs through the procurement of equipment at global level.
  • Standardization and serial effect limiting costs and risks.
  • Assistance to funding for small or large scale projects.

The limited power of power plants is no longer an obstacle, with biomass playing a significant role in the energy mix and in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. AREVA's approach enables us to provide significant electricity production capacity reaching 50 MW, thereby meeting the broadest possible needs of our clients. This also brings the following benefits:

  • Waste eliminated and enhanced through the production of electricity.
  • Sources of additional revenue from the resale of surplus electricity or through the transfer of carbon credits obtained as part of the project.

The bioenergy solutions are aimed at electric utility providers looking to expand their energy combinations through the use of biomass. They also meet the requirements of industrialists and regional authorities to make use of their organic waste.

The service is structured around a wide range of technologies – combustion, methanization, heat recovery etc. - in order to offer its clients installations:

  • Suited to the available energy resources
  • In keeping with their power requirements (from 5 MWe to 50 MWe or 200 MWth for cogeneration power plants)

Global project support

AREVA support projects – from the engineering phase through to commissioning of the power plant - by handling all aspects: technology, engineering, project implementation, operation team training.

Project development and funding

  • Site selection, resource sustainability and analysis
  • Assistance to funding
  • Assistance to carbon asset management (obtaining carbon credits as part of the project, reselling these credits and purchase of the credits)
  • Project definition and development support


  • Technical and economical feasibility study
  • Design, purchasing, construction
  • Operational training and support

More than 100 bioenergy power plants have been built by AREVA worldwide.

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