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AREVA Solar is the most cost-effective, utility-scale turnkey concentrated solar power (CSP) solution, using Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) technology to help customers thrive in a dynamic energy market.

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Technical expertise and project management Know-How

SSG4, Kimberlina solar thermal energy plant, bakersfield, USA

  • AREVA designs, manufactures, and installs solar steam generators for the global power generation and industrial steam needs of its customers in a dependable, market-competitive and environmentally responsible manner.
  • AREVA’s solar steam generators simply and reliably deliver superheated steam for solar thermal power plants, power augmentation installations, and industrial process steam facilities.
  • AREVA offers the most land-efficient solar technology in operation – generating 1.5 – 2.6X more peak power per acre of land than competing solar technologies. This high energy density translates to lower costs, a smaller environmental footprint and greater access to existing power plant and industrial sites.
  • AREVA Solar advocates dry cooling for its power plants. This uses 90% less water than wet-cooling and lowers permitting hurdles.

Benefits include:

  • The lowest cost and most land-efficient CSP technology solution to help customers compete in a dynamic energy market
  • Scalable and modular design for high reliability and ease of integration
  • High-volume manufacturing and rapid installation
  • Controlled costs and development timeframes, thanks to AREVA's global experience in managing major projects.
  • High-performance design and quality assurance, based on the group's expertise in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. AREVA Solar’s boilers are certified with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ “S” stamp.
  • A secure supply of standard components made possible by the group’s international reach as well as by sustainable partnerships with global leaders in the sector.

These solutions are suitable for regions with a high direct normal irradiance (essentially, large regions that receive direct sunlight) in the Southwestern United States, Australia, India, South Africa, MENA (Middle East and North Africa), and parts of Southern Europe around the Mediterranean.

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A proven and reliable Solar technology

Kimberlina solar thermal energy plant

AREVA Solar’s core technology, Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR), uses modular flat reflectors to focus the sun's heat onto elevated receivers, which consist of a system of tubes through which water flows.

The concentrated sunlight boils the water in the tubes, generating high-pressure superheated steam for direct use in power generation and industrial steam applications without the need for costly heat exchangers. AREVA Solar’s boilers are certified with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ “S” stamp, an industry hallmark of quality and acceptance.

For every application, AREVA Solar’s systems offer a variety of advantages:

  • Cost-effective, emissions-free electricity and steam
  • Simple, precise, durable design
  • Direct superheated steam systems
  • Most land-efficient solar technology
  • Water-conservative design
  • Maximum energy per acre
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic working fluid (water/steam)
  • Engineered for tough environmental conditions
  • Standard, readily available materials
  • Modular and scalable
  • Rapid deployment and installation
  • Quality assurance (ASME "S" stamp certificate of authorization)

AREVA Solar: Providing direct solar steam for electricity and industrial processes in an emissions-constrained world.

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Power generation

SSG4, Kimberlina solar thermal energy plant, bakersfield, USA

Utility-Scale Solar and Solar-Hybrid Power Plants

AREVA Solar develops and installs solar steam generators to serve utility-scale global energy needs. Our solar steam generators can be designed with a natural gas-fired boiler back-up to deliver clean, cost-effective electricity with the same reliability and dispatchability as traditional fossil-fired power plants.


  • Standalone solar thermal power plants, as well as solar/hybrid power plants with a natural gas option for full dispatchability
  • For installations >50 MW


  • Helps meet renewable portfolio standards and carbon reduction goals
  • Lowest cost CSP solution
  • Scalable and rapidly deployable
  • Occupies the least amount of land
  • Easily hybridized option for firm power and reserve capacity

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Steam augmentation

SSG4, Kimberlina solar thermal energy plant, bakersfield, USA

Existing coal- and gas-fired power stations can deploy our solar steam generators to deliver reliable, emission-free steam that increases plant output, lowers carbon emissions, and provides a hedge against volatile fuel prices.

Coal-Fired Power Generation: AREVA Solar’s steam generators can be deployed at existing coal-fired power stations to deliver direct solar steam. AREVA Solar’s system replaces the extraction steam used for feedwater heating in a coal station with solar steam from a reliable, land-efficient solar field. The steam that is not extracted can continue expanding through the steam turbine and produce more electricity without increasing plant emissions.

Combined-Cycle Power Generation: In combined-cycle applications, AREVA Solar's steam generators are designed to deliver reliable, direct solar steam. The deployment of AREVA Solar's steam generators at an existing gas-fired, combined-cycle facility enable steam from the solar field to mix with a power plant's intermediate pressure evaporator or cold reheat steam. The solar steam enables the steam turbine to produce additional electricity without additional fuel.


  • Co-locate solar steam generators with existing or new build fossil-fueled power plants
  • Repower/extend plant life for geothermal and biomass facilities
  • Designed for projects >10 MW


  • Increase output of existing capital equipment
  • Match peak electricity demand
  • Reduce fuel consumption and costs and exposure to volatile fuel prices
  • Reduce carbon and other emissions
  • Rapid deployment (< 1yr to COD)
  • Help meet renewable portfolio standard targets and emissions constraints

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Industrial Steam

Steam for Industrial Processing

AREVA Solar’s steam generators can deploy quickly to provide cost-effective, reliable process steam for industrial applications. They integrate simply with conventional steam systems in retrofit and new plant designs. This technology is a hedge against rising fuel and emissions costs, and it can provide an added financial benefit in carbon markets. It's part of an integrated sustainability strategy for fuel and carbon market risk reduction, at competitive prices.


  • Displace conventional natural gas boilers
  • Industries include enhanced oil recovery and refining, chemical processing and refining, pulp and paper manufacturing, food processing, and desalination
  • Ideal for 10 MWe thermal requirements or greater


  • Reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • Protect against the price volatility of natural gas
  • Meet corporate sustainability goals

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