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China: François-Xavier Bagnoud Association


The François-Xavier Bagnoud association is developing “FXB-Villages” in countries stricken by Aids and poverty. The AREVA Corporate Foundation renewed its commitment with FXB for the three-year period of 2011 to 2013 and was providing support to a rural village in the Bu Tuo district of China.

FXB model villages: mutual aid and sharing.

The FXB-Village is a three-year, integrated community development program that improves the lives of indigent children and adults affected by or living with HIV/Aids, in many ways. It offers general support, particularly in the fields of health, nutrition, hygiene, education and protection of children’s rights, by bolstering family finances to help them escape poverty over the longer term.

The AREVA Corporate Foundation was providing support  for a village in the Midnapore district of India from 2008 to 2010.It is providing, today, support to a new village of 100 families in the Bu Tuo district of China – a total of 360 people – that are deeply affected by poverty and Aids. In addition to the general approach characteristic of the FXB-village, the reconstruction of 20 houses destroyed during the 2008 earthquake and the improvement of sanitary conditions and access to drinking water for the families were added to the program.

The situation as of the end of 2013 was as follows:

  • Revenue-generating activities
    The emphasis was on veterinarian care and discussions and mutual assistance among villagers to share best practices.
  • Hygiene, nutrition and health
    A total of 98 families now have a vegetable garden.
    A major project provided latrines to 69 families.
    It is still difficult to convince families to see a doctor rather than use traditional Yi medicine.
  • AIDS
    A total of HIV-positive 20 adults and 2 children received medical care and 18 are receiving triple therapy.
    Several awareness programs were conducted to encourage the use of condoms, a practice that is seldom followed in the local culture.
  • Education
    This year, efforts focused on raising parental awareness of the importance of education for their children, particularly girls. As a result, primary school enrollment rose 55%, corresponding to 47 children, 16 of whom are girls (vs. 7 in 2012).

Fighting AIDS in china for the next generation

China has 1.3 billion inhabitants, 740,000 of whom are afflicted with HIV/Aids. There are 500,000 children living with at least one parent who has the disease. The lack of preventive action and the stigmatization associated with the virus made it the most fatal of all illnesses in the country in 2008.

In the Bu Tuo district of Sichuan province, the prevalence of Aids is climbing 30% per year. The inhabitants, of the Yi minority, are prey to severe drug and alcohol abuse, and 20% of them are considered to be extremely poor. According to the government, 2,500 children have lost both parents. They are taken in by their extended family or by the community, both of which have difficulties raising them.

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