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Governed and organized for performance

Siège social du groupe AREVA à Paris, France

The AREVA group is a business corporation with a Supervisory Board and an Executive Board. The Supervisory Board’s primary mission is to exercise ongoing oversight of AREVA’s management by the Executive Board. It also confers on the Group’s overall strategy.

AREVA's headquarters in Paris, France

Governance combining oversight and transparency

The AREVA group’s governance is based on a Supervisory Board, its Specialized Committees and the Executive Board. These bodies supervise and drive the Group’s operations.
The Executive Board exercises its duties under the oversight of the Supervisory Board.

AREVA's headquarters in Paris, France

Organized for industrial and commercial performance

The operating organization set up by the Group in 2010 consists of five Business Groups (BGs), an Engineering & Projects organization (E&P), Functional Departments and three Regions in Germany, North America and Asia-Pacific.