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The executive board, a decision-making body

Siège social du groupe AREVA à Paris, France

The Executive Board has broad power to act on behalf of the Group in all circumstances, except when authority is expressly attributed by law and the by-laws to the Supervisory Board and to the shareholders. It meets as often as the Group’s interests dictate. The Executive Board is the Group’s body for management, administration and decision-making.


  • Defines the Group’s strategy and monitors its implementation
  • Defines the Group's performance objectives (financial, commercial, operational, safety, etc.) and their application by business, and monitors their achievement
  • Allocates the Group’s resources (human, financial, etc.)
  • Defines organizational principles and processes to serve customers and build talent

The Business Groups provide leadership for the Group’s operations, while the Marketing & Sales Department provides leadership for commercial operations. The Business Groups are responsible for improving their overall performance through broad delegations of authority and with the contribution of the Engineering & Projects organization and support from the Marketing & Sales Department, the Functional Departments and the Regional Management Organizations.

Members appointed for five-year terms

The Executive Board is made up of two to five members appointed by the Supervisory Board for five-year terms.
As of July 2011, it has four members:

Portrait of Luc Oursel

Luc Oursel

President and Chief Executive Officer,
Chairman of the Executive Board

Portrait Philippe Knoche

Philippe Knoche

Chief Operating Officer,
Member of the Executive Board

Portrait Pierre Aubouin

Pierre Aubouin

Chief Financial Executive Officer
Member of the Executive Board

Portrait of Olivier Wantz

Olivier Wantz

Senior Executive Vice President, Mining Business Group
Member of the Executive Board

Decision of the Supervisory Board on October, 22 2014