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Our strategy

Team at the Olkiluoto PWR site in Finland in August 2009

With demand for energy growing, oil and gas prices rising and the fight against climate change heating up, the development of clean energy that does not emit greenhouse gases is an absolute priority. AREVA is committed to meeting the energy challenges of the coming years by producing carbon-free energy. Objective: provide access to cleaner, safer and more economical energy to as many people as possible.

The group wants to leverage its experience and know-how to ensure business growth while complying with stringent safety, security and risk prevention requirements.

Beginning in 2006, the group committed to a significant investment program to ensure growth and continuity for all of its businesses, to meet its customers’ requirements, and to adopt the highest standards of safety.

What we aspire to

  • To be a major player in the energy transition
  • To build the future of nuclear power, in order to consolidate its safety and competitiveness
  • To become a European leader in renewable energies
  • To pursue our policy of being informative, open to dialogue and transparent

“ACTION 2016”, decisive strategic choices paving the way to the future

The market environment was the backdrop for the group’s “Action 2016” a strategic action plan for the 2012-2016 period. Its development builds on a thorough analysis and a realistic assessment of all of the group’s operations and related resources

This plan defines the group’s strategic and performance goals to improve its results and prepare for the future. AREVA’s overall performance is founded on safety and security, operational performance improvement for customers, increased economic competitiveness, accelerated innovation and employee development. In these five indissociable fields, 2012 marked a turning point and the achievement of very significant progress.

More about our five pillars