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Our strategy

Team at the Olkiluoto PWR site in Finland in August 2009

AREVA is targeting a clear objective for 2017: to transform AREVA into a competitive company refocused on its core business, the nuclear fuel cycle, where it has unique human and industrial capital in the world. To implemente a solid transformation plan, the group sets a challenging but economically realistic course for our teams.

AREVA refocus on its core business: mastery of key nuclear processes essential to operators around the globe. The group's objective is to achieve excellence as a high value-added supplier of products and services.

AREVA must also adapt to new market realities and become competitive once again and launches a far-reaching competitiveness plan founded on organizational simplification, quality of operations, and a completely revamped approach to managing risk in large projects.

Last but not least, the group worked on its financing plan whose aim is to allow AREVA to refinance its mid-term needs on the markets.

While keeping nuclear and occupational safety at the top of the priorities for the group and for our customers, AREVA has established its strategic roadmap to meet the 3 following objectives:

  • Refocus on core nuclear processes,
  • Reforge the partnership with EDF,
  • Strengthen the development of our presence in China.