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South Africa: AREVA signs T&D contract and reaffirms strong commitment to nuclear sector

Press release

February 28, 2008

During French President Nicolas Sarkozy's state visit to South Africa, AREVA CEO, Anne Lauvergeon, announced the group's commitment to the country by strengthening its long lasting business activities, and proposing to contribute to the success of its ambitious nuclear and T&D program.

Transmission and Distribution: AREVA awarded 80-million euro contract
AREVA signed a contract approximating 80 million euros with Rio Tinto Alcan, the world aluminium leader, to build a power supply system for its new smelter located in Port Elizabeth.

Under this contract, the company will deliver a conversion substation that will supply the smelter with direct current for the aluminium production process. AREVA CEO, Anne Lauvergeon, said: "This contract strengthens our long-standing partnership with Rio Tinto Alcan. It represents a step forward towards our global objective to double our order intake for the electro-intensive industries by 2010."

With advanced technology and long-term presence in the country, AREVA is a key player in the modernization of South Africa's grid.

Nuclear: AREVA submits ambitious global offer
AREVA is currently proposing to contribute to the success of the ambitious nuclear program foreseen by ESKOM and the Government that is considering to call for building up to 20 000 MW of electricity.

AREVA responded by offering to build a fleet of EPRs, the first Gen3+ reactor under construction, and to support and co-invest in the development of a nuclear sector in South Africa.

The group is ready to partner extensively with various entities in South Africa to build the EPR fleet and develop different aspects of the nuclear industry, from manufacturing and uranium beneficiation.

AREVA also entered into several agreements related to skills development, reaffirming its commitment to South Africa's nuclear education development.

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