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With the acquisition of RM Consultants Ltd in 2008, the Propulsion and research reactors Business Unit further strengthened its expertise in risk management by joining this UK company with Axilya, AREVA’s center of expertise in risk management. In 2008 the companies adopted a common name: AREVA Risk Management Consulting.

Established in 1980, RM Consultants was one of the first companies to specialize in risk management in the United Kingdom. Thanks to a team of more than 80 scientists and engineers, the company has established a widely-recognized expertise in environmental risk analysis and nuclear safety analysis.

Drawing on the experience of RM Consulting, AREVA Risk Management Consulting Ltd now has an excellent knowledge of the regulatory procedures and bodies which govern nuclear activities in the United Kingdom. This strengthens the group's position in the UK market, with regard to both fuel cycle operations and reactor construction projects.

The company has sites in Abingdon, Warrington, and Thurso in the United Kingdom.

AREVA Risk Management Consulting Ltd

Suite 7, Hitching Court
Abingdon Business Park
OX14 1RA Abingdon, Oxfordshire (U.K.)