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The bioenergy activity worldwide

AREVA has over 100 bioenergy power plants in operation or under construction in Europe, North America, Latin America and South East Asia. The group is expanding extensively on the American continent, through its subsidiaries AREVA Renewables Europe, AREVA Renewables Asia, AREVA Renewables Brazil and AREVA Renewables India.

Three men with work helmets

AREVA Renewables Europe

AREVA Renewables Europe has two skills centers - in Germany and France - which develop the most advanced bioenergy technologies.

A biomass plant in India

AREVA Renewables India: the Indian biomass specialist

AREVA Renewables India provides turnkey solutions for the construction of the biomass power plants. The company is located in Chennai.

Photograph of a bioenergy plant in Brazil

AREVA Renewables Brazil: the Brazilian biomass specialist

AREVA Renewables Brazil provides turnkey solutions for the construction of the biomass plants. The company is based in two agricultural regions of Brazil.