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AREVA's renewable energy activities in the world

Man at the Alpha Ventus wind farm site

The Renewable Energies Business Group is at the heart of AREVA's industrial strategy. It currently covers four areas: wind energy, bioenergy, solar power and hydrogen power, as well as energy storage. This diversified portfolio places the group well ahead in the development of CO2 free electricity production solutions. It enables trends to be followed in a market in which clients are demanding greater diversification.

Photograph of the AREVA Multibrid team

AREVA designs, manufactures and assembles wind turbines. A pioneer of offshore technology, the group intends to become the leader in this emerging market.

Photograph of a biomass plant

From rice husks to sugarcane, AREVA is helping convert agricultural and forestry residues into useful energy.

A thermal solar plant

AREVA’s Concentrated Solar Power plants are paving the way toward a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.

A student at the experiment bench developed by AREVA

Efficiency, storage capacity, environmental protection... Its intrinsic qualities make hydrogen a key element in the future energy mix.

CSP Solar plant

Visit the AREVA SOLAR dedicated website.

The renewable energy sources BG facilities
Wind power in France
AREVA wind turbine

AREVA is committed to developing an offshore wind industry in France