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The Renewable Energies Activities

Installation of windmills for the Alpha Ventus wind farm in the North Sea

A world leader in nuclear energy, AREVA is committed to developing solutions for energy production with less carbon. This means meeting the planet's essential requirements in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while providing energy to the greatest number of people. AREVA has a portfolio of operations in four renewable energy segments: offshore wind, bioenergy, concentrated solar power and energy storage.

Key figure : 100 bioenergy plants supplied or under construction worldwide
Key figures

  • 126 wind turbines installed offshore by the end of 2014, i.e. 630 MWe.
  • 95 biomass power plants built worldwide representing an installed base of 2.5 GWe.
  • 300 MWe of CSP facilities in operation, under construction or in an advanced stage of development.
  • More than 10 years of experience in energy storage, providing solutions from 20 kWe to 1 MWe.

Sunrise on earth

The Renewable Energies portfolio expands AREVA's offer of low-carbon energy production solutions to its customers.


Man at the Alpha Ventus wind farm site

AREVA’s Renewable Energies operations include offshore wind, concentrated solar power, bioenergy and energy storage.

Worldwide renewable energy facilities

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The Myrte platform solves storage challenges for renewable energy

Designed in 2006 and set up in 2011 by AREVA, the University of Corsica, CNRS and CEA, the Myrte platform solves storage challenges for renewable energy.

CSP Solar plant

Visit the AREVA SOLAR dedicated website.

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