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Latin America: Bioenergy Specialist

Photograph of a bioenergy plant in Brazil

AREVA is active in Latin America through its subsidiary AREVA Renewables Brazil, a supplier of turnkey solutions for the production of energy from biomass sources.

AREVA Renewables in Brazil has sites in Recife, São Paulo and São José do Rio Preto, close to agricultural regions rich in sugar cane.

Its main activity concerns the supply of turnkey solutions for the construction of biomass power plants, mainly using bagasse (organic residue from sugar cane) and wood chips as fuel, although any other kind of biomass available can be used. AREVA Renewables is also a provider of turnkey solutions for the pelletization market and is co-developing the torrefaction process together with its Bioenergy Technical Center in Bordeaux. 


AREVA Renewables Brazil
Av Cônsul Vilares Fragoso, 291, Bongi
CEP 50760-540 Recife-PE

Tel. +55 81-2122-2300