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In the near future, wind energy will be produced on the open sea. AREVA has taken up a significant challenge with its wind turbines, which have technology specifically adapted to the offshore environment.

With four years of experience operating the Alpha Ventus wind farm in Germany, AREVA has demonstrated its efficiency and reliability. Building on the proven technology of the M5000, the group has developed a new generation turbine, the AREVA 8 MW wind turbine, with increased power to improve the competitiveness of offshore turbines.

AREVA wind turbines possess the key assets for offshore use: reliability, efficiency and performance. Their proven technology is specially adapted to the conditions of the offshore environment.

AREVA M5000 main characteristics

  • The mast can be as high as 70 meters
  • The rotor has 3 blades with a diameter of 135 meters.
  • The mast support the nacelle, the rotor and its 3 blades for a total weigh of 375 tons
  • Its power rate is 5MWe
  • It is suited for wind speed from 3,5 to 25 meters/second

AREVA 8MW main characteristics

  • The mast measures 90 meters
  • The rotor has 3 blades with a diameter of 180 meters
  • The mast supports the nacelle, the rotor and the 3 blades for a total weigh of 520 tons
  • The power rate is 8 MWe
  • It is suited for wind speed from 3 to 25 meters/second


Wind power  M5000

AREVA wind turbines are lightweight. This facilitates the transport and erection of the plant which is a crucial factor when working on the open sea.

The nacelle is assembled on land, so that it can be lifted offshore onto the tower as a complete unit. This saves time and costs and guarantees a high degree of safety to our clients. The reduced weight of the nacelle allows cost-effective tower and foundation structures.


view inside the nacelle

AREVA wind turbines provide extensive technology in the smallest space as they are very compact. The specific configuration of the technical components in the relatively small nacelle is the result of studies on conventional plants. The small dimensions lead to short paths for load transmission to the tower head – ideal for high-power offshore wind turbines.


Deposited by helicopter on the M5000 a maintenance technician

As reliability is such a decisive factor for large offshore wind farms, this has been a top priority. The low rotational speed and the low number of rotating parts and roller bearings reduce the risk of damage to the central drive train to a minimum. In addition, all key auxiliary aggregates and sensors are installed in duplicate, so that their failure does not lead to a complete standstill. A special system permanently monitors the status of key components and reliably reports any irregularity. This makes maintenance work easier to plan and thus doubly efficient.


Batterie de pompes à air

Protecting the turbine’s equipment from the corrosive marine atmosphere is vital to ensure the long service life of offshore wind energy plants. AREVA wind turbines are therefore equipped with a patented air treatment system to protect the plant technology. They suck in the surrounding air and filter out the corrosive particles. An overpressure is created which encloses the entire system, thus protecting it from corrosive external influences.


Offshore turbine - 3D presentation

The AREVA M5000 combines everything that makes a high quality offshore wind energy plant stand out: reliability, efficiency and high performance. Its technology is tried and tested and perfectly tailored to the conditions on the open sea. The M5000 is manufactured and certified according to the latest international standards (DIN ISO 9001 certificate).

Wind power in France
AREVA wind turbine

AREVA is committed to developing an offshore wind industry in France