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Open pit mine at OKLO, operated by COMUF until 1999

The Group is currently conducting uranium exploration campaigns in Gabon through its subsidiary AREVA Gabon.

If sizeable deposits are discovered, the Group may one day mine uranium deposits in the country once again.

The Ministry of Mines of Gabon authorized AREVA to resume uranium prospecting activities in Gabon in late 2006.

Based on the first encouraging results, AREVA established AREVA Gabon in 2008, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AREVA whose corporate office is in Franceville, in Haut-Ogooué province. 

It received four mineral exploration permits, each for 8,000 km2, to prospect in the most promising areas:

  • Mopia
  • Andjogo
  • Lekabi
  • N'Goutou

At the same time, COMUF and AREVA Gabon signed an agreement authorizing the latter to conduct exploration work in the Francevillian mining concession held by the CEA and leased to COMUF, where the Bagombé, Mikouloungou, Ndzali and Mbersé deposits are located.


Michel Capobianco – Directeur Général 
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