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Dulaan Uul, East zone, Mongolia.

AREVA has been based in Mongolia since 1997 and is now represented there by its wholly owned subsidiary AREVA Mongol. The latter's exploration operations are conducted by COGEGOBI. The operating company AREVA Mines LLC will hold and exploit the operating permits.

AREVA began operating in Mongolia in 1997 when it formed a joint venture with Gobigeo, an exploration and drilling company, called COGEGOBI (70% AREVA, 30% Gobigeo).

AREVA Mongol, the parent company

In 2007, AREVA bought East Asia Minerals Energy and renamed it AREVA Mongol in March 2008. AREVA Mongol LLC is the parent company of the entities in Mongolia. It is headquartered in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. All of the support functions are centered in this company. Together with its entities, AREVA Mongol employs 144 employees, more than 90% of whom are of Mongolian origin.

COGEGOBI has been a wholly owned subsidiary of AREVA Mongol since 2009. In November 2011, Mitsubishi exercised its option to acquire a 34% equity stake in the company.

COGEGOBI for exploration

COGEGOBI LLC holds all of the uranium exploration permits (27 licenses). All of the exploration functions are centered in COGEGOBI LLC.

AREVA Mines LLC for operation

AREVA Mines LLC will hold the operating permits to be requested by COGEGOBI from the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA).

All of the operating functions will be centered in AREVA Mines LLC. In accordance with the country’s mining law, the government-owned company MONATOM will acquire an equity interest in this structure. Negotiations are currently underway with the Mongolian government via the NEA and MonAtom.


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