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Mining activities

An AREVA employee on the McClean Lake site in Canada

The Mining activities covers exploration, extraction and processing of uranium ore and the reclamation of sites after production has finished. The group holds a broad portfolio of mines in operation (Canada, Kazakhstan and Niger), as well as projects under development (Africa).


AREVA, the first largest unanium mining producer

AREVA is one of the first largest uranium mining producers in the world, with 11,002 metric tons of uranium* produced in 2015.

  • 35% of AREVA’s consolidated revenue in 2015.
  • About 4,293** people around the globe.

* Financially consolidated AREVA share to which should be added 546 tons of Uranium  corresponding to the AREVA’s share in COMINAK. Due to the changes in the accounting standards, COMINAK has no longer been financially consolidated  since the beginning of 2014.

** Global workforce managed by AREVA (regardless of AREVA’s stake in mining joint ventures).

Aerial view of the redeveloped open pit mine in Oklo

AREVA prospects, mines and processes uranium ore. It restores sites after mine closure.



Inauguration of the Uranium Pavilion at the National Museum, a symbol of the long-standing partnership between AREVA and the state of Niger

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Underground mine, control room. Akouta. Cominak. Niger

AREVA manages 4 main mining activities: exploration, extraction and processing of uranium ore and the reclamation of sites once production is finished.

World Mines activities

map of World Mines activities
Environmental checks at the redeveloped Braudière site

Exploration, extraction and processing of uranium ore and site reclamation. Discover more about AREVA's mining activities.


Mining activities

The mining activities of AREVA are based on four main areas: exploration, mining, mining operations and rehabilitation after operation. Present on five continents, discover in these pictures all the mining activities of the group.

2015 AREVA Mines CSR Report